Mood Live is an exciting social platform with a huge community of over talented users worldwide. It's a lively space where you can make new connections, watch live broadcasts, and interact with talented content creators anytime, anywhere. Join our energetic community and dive into the world of endless entertainment! And engage with talented content creators around the clock. Live-streaming community, available 24/7.
Why Choose MOOD Live? Join our Stream Discover a world of talented broadcasters on MOOD, from dancers to singers, foodies to comedians, and more. Enjoy round-the-clock streams covering gaming, music, chatting, and beyond, Interested in connecting with people worldwide? We support 150+ countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and more. Through live streaming, you can build genuine friendships, engage in real-time video chats with your favorite creators, and be part of the ever-changing world of social interaction. Explore, watch, chat, and go live with our live video-show streams to foster authentic connections and build your own community. MOOD provides the perfect space to meet new friends from diverse backgrounds and engage in meaningful conversations with fascinating individuals. Sing, talk, and stream alongside your favorite music, interacting with fellow creators within the community during shared streaming sessions.

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Whether it's casual chatting or showcasing your talents, MOOD LIVE offers support, fan engagement, gifts, and friendship opportunities. Become a social media influencer today with a plethora of cool filters and stickers,

PK: Challenge your friends!

Cute Pet: Raise an adorable online pet.
Bar: Share updates, photos, and engage with friends.
Don't hesitate! Download now and have more fun! Becoming a Mood Creator enables you to partake in the excitement and fun, forging genuine connections with your audience, fans, and fellow broadcasters.

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Capture your special moments, explore content tailored to your interests, and engage in live video chats with your preferred broadcasters. Earn gifts to become a social media influencer within the Mood community.

Video Chat Guest

Initiate a 1:1 guest video chat with a friend or create a chat public room accommodating up to 12 people.
Prefer not to show your face? Voice Guest chat is the perfect alternative. Engage in chat freely without the burden of video,

Voice Chat Guest

Engage in casual, drop-in audio conversations with friends and interesting individuals worldwide. Join in as a listener or contribute to the conversation.

Game Streaming

Watch gamers play popular titles, and more. Discuss gaming strategies or simply enjoy LIVE streaming.


Tailored content awaits you, allowing you to support and engage with talented creators through their captivating streams. Mood Live serves as the hub for forming communities and making new friends.


Mood Live instant translation feature facilitates seamless communication with individuals from different cultures and locations, offering a glimpse into the experience of being part of a global village.
NOW is your moment to go live, join our vast community, and effortlessly access multiple broadcasters.

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Enjoy a personalized video stream Get a personalized video stream based on your interests and preferences. (Mood Live) offers real, exciting, and enjoyable videos to turn your day into an unforgettable experience.
  • Easily explore video clips Browse video clips easily, from comedy and games to handicrafts, food, sports, memes, pets, and more.
  • Pause and resume recording easily record your moments as needed with the one-click pause and resume recording feature.
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